About us

Enjoy the peace, the picturesque colours and beauty of the furthermost part of the Gorizian hills in the shape of a hook, penetrate the wide Friulan plain!
Our farmhouse is located on the hill that rises above the Idrija River. We restored it to its former glory and kept to the traditional details of a typical old local house from this region. We planted numerous flowers, grasses and fruit trees and in order to make the house look more beautiful, we built a terrace from where you can enjoy a wonderful vista. You can admire the picturesque Collio-friulano region with its vineyards (where the autochthonous variety of Schioppettino flourishes) and the distant city of Udine. From the house you can also see the valley of the Idrija River, the Dolomites and Kanin. If you look a tad further in the distance, you can see a silvery sheen that is the Adriatic Sea (nearby Grado).