Brda, the Slovenian destination of excellence EDEN 2015

Dobrovo, 1 September 2015 – The sixth edition of EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) with the topic ” TOURISM, LOCAL CUISINE AND GASTRONOMY,” is concluded.

11 Slovenian tourist destinations applied to the tender, which, through their specific culinary offer, revive the local environment and enhance visits throughout the year and five of them classified to the finals. The project, launched by the European Commission in accordance with the guidelines of the European tourism policy, each time discovers and awards a destination in Slovenia, which successfully integrates its development and success with respect of sustainable principles.

Assessment in the field took place on our tourist farm, where we have prepared (in collaboration with Hotel San Martin) a special lunch for the members of commission, consisting of simple dishes in which modernity and tradition are intertwined. We are pleased to announce that Goriška brda was pronounced the Slovenian destination of excellence EDEN 2015 and we invite you to visit us!

zaslužen kozarček po končanem ocenjevanju