Have a stroll through our fields of lavender. The plant fascinates us with its aroma, colour, and exceptional properties. Its calming fragrance reminds us of the Mediterranean shores and its flowers attract bees and butterflies. Its healing properties nourish the body as well as promote rest and relaxation.

In the summer months enjoy unique lavender flavoured dishes in our restaurant ranging from locally made aged and seasonal cheeses with lavender, homemade pasta with squash, almonds, and lavender, sautéed chicken breast in a light lavender cream sauce, frittata with mint and lavender, or various desserts with lavender flowers or lavender flavoured honey.

We also prepare numerous items from this exceptional plant which has long been considered to bring serenity, love, and peace. In addition to lavender we are also active in other herbs as we cooperate with local herb producers in the region.

Spend the summer in the company of the lovely lavender aroma. The lavender shrub symbolizes peace, immortality, restful sleep, and longevity. We enjoy lavender in culinary delights, tea or ice cream and sweets. Aromatic lavender oil is used for massage which provides for a relaxing and peaceful sleep. Lavender flowers can be used throughout the home where they last for at least one year. If you wish to enjoy a more intensive aroma in a room or clothing wardrobe , the lavender flowers can be crushed in a bowl to release more of the divine aroma.